All About Wedding Cakes: Must-Have Details and Trends

Choosing a wedding cake is a big deal – it’s not like your typical “chocolate or vanilla” birthday cake choice. Wedding cakes come in all sorts of flavours, frostings, colours, shapes, and decorations. The options are endless, and you’ve got all these choices to make your cake delicious, stunning, and one-of-a-kind.

Let’s take a look at some sweet trends for inspiration.

Select Your Cake Style

Your cake’s look should totally vibe with the rest of your wedding style. So, we suggest deciding on the cake’s appearance after you’ve locked in your wedding theme or vibe. That way, you know it’ll fit right in with your overall style, and it gives you more time to think about the flavors!

These elements can be your guide for designing your wedding cake. Try to pick a cake that matches your venue’s style, the season, your flower arrangements, or even the menu. If you want to get creative, add unique decor to match your theme. Going tropical? Bring in some tropical flowers, banana palms, or pineapple slices. And don’t forget to ask your baker about the coolest or most creative cakes they’ve made – they’ll love the challenge!

Naked Cakes are also gradually becoming a big hit, especially if your wedding has a rustic feel. Naked cakes use less frosting than your average cake, which is perfect if you’re not big on super sweet treats.

Choose the Right Frosting

The big question is, “Buttercream or Fondant?” Buttercream is often tastier, but if you love the smooth look of fondant, you can have the best of both worlds. Frost the cake in buttercream first and then add a layer of fondant on top.

  • Cream Cheese: It’s a top contender for frosting and pairs well with a bunch of cake flavors, like red velvet and spiced cakes (think carrot cake). You can even add citrus flavors like orange or lemon to complement your cake.
  • Ganache: This is a rich, fudgy frosting made from chocolate and cream. Even though it’s dark brown, you can ask your baker to make it look wedding-worthy with colorful fruit. Or you can opt for a white chocolate version, which can be dyed in just about any shade you want!


  • Whipped Cream: Whipped cream is the way to go if you’re into a lighter frosting with just a touch of sweetness. It’s a crowd-pleaser and works great for indoor weddings and ones in cooler climates where things aren’t melting away.

  • Swiss Meringue: Now, here’s a gem that people don’t know about – Swiss meringue. It’s basically made by whipping up egg whites and sugar. It’s not as commonly used for wedding cakes (which can be a unique twist), and it has this light, fluffy look that gives off a whimsical and romantic vibe. But here’s the kicker – it has a airy marshmallow flavor that goes perfectly with fruit-based cakes and fillings like lemon, raspberry, or strawberry. Your guests will be in for a delightful surprise.

Think About the Weather

If your wedding’s outdoors in a hot place, be wary of whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream – they can get all melty. For summer weddings, a fondant-covered cake is a better bet, as it holds up better in the heat. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a cake expert to figure out which frosting works in different climates. Just rely on your baker’s wisdom to advise you on what’ll work best.

Selecting Your Cake Structure

When it comes to cake structure, you’ve got traditional and not-so-traditional choices. Your baker can help you find a custom structure that fits your theme and guest count.

  • Multi-Tiered Cake: This is the classic wedding cake, with multiple layers. Usually, couples save the top tier for their first anniversary, and guests munch on the rest during the wedding.
  • Single-Tier Cake: These are getting more popular and offer a minimalist approach to the traditional wedding cake. You can design it to match your decor, and for your guests, you can have a separate sheet cake for everyone to enjoy.

So there you have it, all the essential details and the latest wedding cake trends to make your big day even sweeter. Remember, your wedding cake is not just a dessert; it’s a work of art that should reflect your style and taste. Whether you go for a classic multi-tiered masterpiece or opt for something more modern and minimalistic, it’s all about what makes you and your guests smile.

So go on, get creative with your flavors, frosting, and decorations. Make your cake a centerpiece that adds a dash of magic to your wedding day.

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