Aki and Pawpaw movie review (4/10)

Happy Sunday lovelies!! Have you seen Aki and Pawpaw? So, I’m actually still thinking of what to rate this movie, because Hay God! I’ve actually been seeing people talk about how the movie didn’t make sense, but I was like “eh, lemme watch it first to decide”. Ladies and gentlemen, e no make sense o! 2hrs plus of nonsense, I’m sorry to say. I kept waiting for something to happen, woh, I waited tire.

I don’t have anything against remaking classics, but at this point, I think they need to stop because it mostly doesn’t turn out well. I’m sure a lot of money would have been spent to create that, and I’m no actor, but see, let’s call a spade a spade, this remake of Aki and Pawpaw didn’t make sense. At all. To think someone said the movie shouldn’t be on Netflix and should have been on YouTube where we use Airtel YouTube night data to watch, yea, that makes sense now. 

Aki and Pawpaw was a classic grass to grace story. They were two struggling boys that came from the village to hustle in Lagos, staying with their uncle, blah blahh..whilst working at a local restaurant in their area. Of course you know they would be causing trouble as usual. In their quest to blow, they got scammed by a fake French man who claimed to have photo papers that could turn into dollar bills. They stole money from mama Nki (Toyin Abraham), which landed them in trouble and almost got fired.

Then there was Samantha, working as a manager for Panshak (Uti Nwachukwu) —by the way, what was that accent? Annoyed me so many times; she claimed to have built him and he didn’t value her. Working with him was super toxic, I mean he even asked her to get out of his car on the third mainland bridge in the night. Ah! Anyways, she was somewhat a frequent customer at Mama Nky’s beer parlour shop, that’s how on one of her nights at the shop, she made a video of Aki and Pawpaw that went viral unknowingly to them. 

Samantha would always make videos and give them small small change, it was one time they went to their village and everyone was hailing them they started wondering what was happening. That’s how they saw their videos and realized she had been ripping them.

*someone play me one of Portable’s many ripping rant videos 😂*

See ehn, at this point the movie was not making any more sense. It didn’t make much sense from the beginning, but it was kind of funny, yea. Samantha came to their village, she said it’s her mother’s village (shaking my head), they accused her of stealing from them, had a meeting with the head of the families and finally settled on a percentage for each party.

Fast forward to going back the city, they have na blow! Doing interviews and signing deals ear and there. Unknowingly to them again, Samantha was still ripping them. She’d tell them clients paid way lesser amounts for their services and she would keep everything. That girl is a thief o! 

They were sha doing other things that didn’t make sense, I couldn’t wait for the movie to end because I had to write this review, I legit had to force myself to watch the movie. The only thing I kind of liked was the infusion of Igbo and Toyin Abraham’s Yoruba retorts, it was nice. Other than that ehn, nothing!

Ohh, I didn’t add Aki and Pawpaw fought because Aki was saying Pawpaw was too full of himself, and Pawpaw was saying Aki was jealous because he was the most famous one, blahh…So at the end Pawpaw almost signed a deal that could ruin him and his brother had to come save him, like normal Nollywood stories na.

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The question is what was all that slow motion in those scenes leading to the end? Someone wanted to sign a contract that could ruin him and y’all are still strategising outside and talking with someone? No na, you barge in! Hahaha, that’s what I’d do anyways. 

Honestly, that movie made me weak. It lacked a good plot, was super boring and like a total waste of time. I really should have just seen another movie, but Lovelies need the reviews anyway to decide whether to see it or not. 

Aki and Pawpaw is a total skip for me. My apologies to those that made the movie, but Haba! I’m rating 4/10 just because I’m feeling nice. Should have been lesser, but let me dash them like that. It’s available on Netflix if you would like to watch it. See the trailer here.

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on the movie? What do you think of my review? Share with me in the comments! 

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