“A Sunday Affair” Review! (4/10)

Happy Sunday lovelies! Have you seen “A Sunday Affair”? I initially thought it was going to be a sweet romantic movie before I saw it, and considering it came out on Valentine’s Day, but nah, it wasn’t. It was really beautiful as regards the quality though, but the story was kind of toxic and sexist thinking about it. The fact that they tried to make cheating okay didn’t really go well with me. Sunday/Akin was a cheating man, and he played those ladies, and still got away with it. 

In summary, it was a story about two besties falling in love with the same man— “a flawed eligible bachelor” and not knowing until almost the end of the movie. I kind of still wonder how besties talk about meeting a man and not actually say his name. I mean, everyone tells their besties they “met someone, his name’s blah blah”. 

A Sunday Affair was kind of sexist, because it seemed like the man was the perfect prize and the ladies didn’t really have anything much going on with their lives. And that man was a cheating man, the “I’m getting divorced” line is one that has been used one too many times by cheating men and we don’t really know if he was actually getting divorced or why he was. 

Though the story isn’t one we haven’t seen before, I actually kind of liked it maybe because I’m a fan of Nse’s. There wasn’t really much character development and the plot was really just there in my opinion. I kept waiting for something to happen, like that “it” moment but it was more of hot sex scenes and vibes.  I don’t even want to talk about how two successful women wore the same wig for over a year.

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This movie could have actually been really great, but the flaws were kind of too much. We really don’t want storylines of women going for a “prized” man. 

The casting and acting was good though, I must say, it’s just the storyline I didn’t really like. 

I’m rating a 4/10 and would I recommend it? Sure, why not? You can check it out on Netflix, you could enjoy it better. Watch the trailer here

Have you seen “A Sunday Affair”? What do you think of the movie? What do you think of my “A Sunday Affair review”?

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