Every body wants to have that perfect movie like- fairy tale happily ever after union. Though, the brutal truth is, that’s not as easy as it looks on Tv and novels. Meaning to say- “there is no perfect marriage”.

    However, there shouldn’t be a miserable one either. Let’s just say- a fair share of rosy and stormy moments makes up an average marriage. Know this and know peace- There will be raining days…. there will be sunny days in every union.

    Anyone telling you “oh my marriage is never boring or stressful and always all smiles and laughter” my dear it is a BIG FAT LIE! Oh yes! Even the world oldest married couples will tell you that it wasn’t all sweet, roses plus honey on the way up to 10,20,30,40 years of their marriage.

    If you’re currently single and reading this, you’re so lucky. Guess what? You still have much enough time not to make that mistake of marrying just for the sakes of it. For, many have rushed in and rushed out. Some didn’t rush out, not that they don’t wish to however, they have decided to embrace their fate- the misery they find in their marriage because although we’re in the 21st century, many are ashamed to be called a divorcée.  That’s another topic for another day though.

    Back to the matter on ground- The bitter truth is, these days, most young ladies want to get married for the asoebi train, the gram, the hashtags, the destination honeymoon baecations, and all the hype of it. They focus more time and energy on all this artificial things – (the wedding glamor) paying only tiny bit of attention to the marriage itself and even the man in most cases.

    Well, this never really ends well. It’s either an early divorce or an endurance marriage afterwards. Now, listen to me beautiful woman, do you know that being single doesn’t make -you an outcast, an incomplete, nor a no-wife material? It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You are not possessed. No, your village people are not doing you. No body is doing you. No spirit is hindering you. Everyone has their divine timing. Be patient sister. Be patient.

    You are whole. You are beautiful. You are a spec. You are the best thing that can happen to any man.  So super woman, please oh please, stop settling for less. Stop the desperation for the ring. You should not take in unhealthy attitude, toxicity or abuse from no man all in the name of you wanting or keeping the title called: MRS. Don’t be with a man who treats you poorly all because you wanna have someone to call “my man” “my boyfriend” “bae” etc.

    Instead, you should learn to love your self. Learn to love your single hood. It’s not a disease. It’s not a crime. Make your self happy. Focus on your goals. Do what you love to do! Take your self out. Spoil yourself. Do that which you wish a man would do for you. Don’t sit miserable waiting on some “Prince Charming” to come sweep you off your feet….. show you the world and make you feel special.

    Listen sweetie, you are already a special being.  Any man coming into your life is actually lucky to have you. A man should be a bonus to your happiness and not your main source of happiness. There’s a difference.

  • “The moment you as a whole beautifully made woman realizes that true happiness comes from within, then you would see how you’d glow every day”

Never settle for less.

Always put your happiness first.

Never hesitate to walk out of toxic, abusive relationships.

Better being single and happy than married and miserable.

A ring never defines your womanhood.

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