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The Nigerian Presidential election has come and gone. While many of us had high hopes that the election would be free, fair, and without violence, we were met with huge disappointment, however, and our hopes were not dashed. Friends, families, and coworkers are talking about their concerns and ideas about the situation, even those who don’t care much about politics are probably affected by the political climate.

Emotions are still running high, while some people have moved on and accepted the results of the elections, others are still struggling. Here are some ways to keep up with what’s happening in the country without it having a detrimental impact on your well-being:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s essential to recognize and acknowledge your feelings. Whether you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or disappointed, it’s important to accept that these emotions are valid. It’s okay to feel upset and worried about what the future holds. Instead of suppressing your emotions, allow yourself to feel and express them in a healthy way.

Take a Break from Social Media

Social media can be a great way to stay informed about the election results, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Taking a break from social media can help reduce anxiety and stress. Limit the time you spend on social media, and try to avoid political discussions and news for a while.


Connect with Loved Ones

Talking to loved ones and sharing your feelings can help you cope with post-election stress. It’s important to surround yourself with supportive people who can provide you with emotional support. Reach out to friends and family members, and try to focus on positive things in your life.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is essential for your mental and emotional well-being. Engage in activities that make you feel good, such as exercise, meditation, or reading. Taking care of your physical health, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, and avoiding excessive alcohol and caffeine, can also help reduce stress levels.

Get Involved in Your Community

You can help you feel empowered and make a difference by getting involved in your community. You can volunteer for a local charity or community organization, attend town hall meetings, or join a political group. Participating in your community can help you feel connected and reduce feelings of helplessness and despair.

Seek Professional Help

If you’re struggling to cope with post-election stress, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A mental health professional can help you manage your stress and provide you with strategies to cope with difficult emotions. There’s no shame in seeking help, and it can be a positive step towards healing and recovery.

I hope that the event of the last election does not deter us from participating in the gubernatorial election slated for next weekend, instead, I hope it inspires more Nigerians to go out there and vote. Voting is the most important aspect of any democracy and so everyone must vote. We can only be heard by those in power to change the things we’d like changed by taking part in the election. So get out there, make your vote count, and leave this election behind knowing that you have done your part for Nigeria.

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