9 Of The Best Korean Meals You Should Try As A Nigerian

Koreans have a slew of traditional foods that stand side by side with the more well-known fare in other Asian cuisines. And what better way to stand out as a Nigerian, than by trying dishes that really aren’t Nigerian? This article features 10 of the tastiest Korean dishes you must try before you become an expert.


Koreans love their mandu! This dumpling dish is typically made with ground beef or pork, but can also be vegetarian. The filling is wrapped in a thin dough and then fried or steamed. Mandu is often served with a dipping sauce, like soy sauce or vinegar.


If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying Korean meal, look no further than Somyeon! This dish is made with thin, chewy noodles that are perfect for slurping, and it can be served either in broth or with a dipping sauce. I like to top mine with plenty of vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, and zucchini. For an extra bit of flavor, I also add some kimchi.


Pajeon is a savory pancake dish that is popular in Korean cuisine. The word “pajeon” refers to the scallion (or green onion) that is used as one of the main ingredients. Pajeon is usually made with a batter of egg, flour, and water. Other ingredients such as green onion, diced kimchi, mushrooms, shrimp, and beef can be added to the batter.

Pajeon is often served as an appetizer or side dish. It can be enjoyed with a dipping sauce such as soy sauce or gochujang (Korean chili paste).

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Bulgogi is a Korean dish that literally means “fire meat”. It is made with thinly sliced beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, then grilled to perfection. The result is a juicy and flavorful piece of meat that is absolutely delicious.

Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchi jjigae is a Korean stew made with kimchi and pork. It’s basically a fermented cabbage dish that is usually spicy, and Pork is a type of red meat that is high in protein. The combination of these two ingredients makes for a flavorful and hearty stew.

Kimchi jjigae is typically served with rice and other side dishes. It can be enjoyed as a main meal or as a side dish.

Gopchang Gui

korean meal

Gopchang Gui is a grilled dish made of small intestines of cattle or pork. It is a popular anju (food accompanying alcohol) in Korea and is also a typical street food. The small intestines are first cleaned, then marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, sesame oil, ginger, and rice wine. They are then grilled over charcoal until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Gopchang Gui has a unique taste and texture that sets it apart from other grilled meats. The small intestines are slightly chewy with a rich flavor that is further enhanced by the marinade. This dish is best enjoyed with soju or beer.

Ojingeo Jeongol

One of the simplest yet delicious Korean meals, ojingeo jeongol is a must-try for anyone visiting the country. It is made with squid, vegetables, and a savory broth, and can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Dubu Kimchi Stew

Dubu kimchi stew is one of the tastiest and most popular Korean meals. It’s a dish made with kimchi (fermented cabbage) and tofu, and it’s usually served with rice. The kimchi provides a nice, sour flavor to the dish, while the tofu adds some protein and creaminess. This dish is often made with pork or beef, but you can also find vegetarian versions.


If you’re looking for a hearty, filling meal, look no further than samgyetang! Samgyetang is a chicken soup dish that is traditionally served in a hot stone bowl. The chicken is stuffed with rice, garlic, ginseng, and other herbs, and the soup is usually served with a side of kimchi.

Now if this post got you salivating and you’re in Lagos, Nigeria, looking for where to unleash your newfound food fantasy for Korean meals , we once wrote an article on some of the best Asian restaurants in Lagos. Try out any meal from this list, and if you’re feeling grateful or excited about what you had, you can send us pictures and reviews on our Instagram page @ms_asoebi. Ciao for now!

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