6 reasons why that stubborn ex keeps coming back!

I’m sure we’ve all had that ex that doesn’t stop reaching out after you guys break up, whether they are trying to be annoying or just looking for someone’s day to ruin, we’ve all at some point had that stubborn ex that doesn’t give up. 

While not all exes are bad, some people end relationships due to certain things and they remain cordial, most of us were served breakfast— steamy, hot ones—which makes whoever dished the meal a bad ex. 

I have this ex that keeps coming with the “I just want to talk”, lmao man, if you don’t GTF! You didn’t “want to talk then, right?” It’s now that I’ve moved on, you want to talk, someone pass me Oraimo cord please!

Lovelies, let’s talk about those stubborn exes today and some of the reasons they keep coming back.

1. They are trying to annoy you

You know some people are just wicked, they can just wake up one day and be like “let me just choose wickedness”. That’s when they remember you that is already happy in another relationship or you’ve finally, finally moved on; then they hit you up with a lame a** “hey”. 

Maybe they came across an old photo or whatever prompted them to reach out, we don’t want to know.

2. You found someone new

Yesss, there’s that ex lurking in the corner waiting for you to find someone, and that is when they feel it’s time to want you back. Showing up to share memories like “you remember whenn…”

Someone pass me a 2 by 2 plank. Y’all should see my face typing this, I want to beat someone’s son.

3. They are lonely

They could be feeling lonely and really need someone to do sturvsss with, *wink* and be like “oh, there’s this girl or boy”. Excuse me ma/sir, who told you I cared if you’re lonely or not? You didn’t know before you served me breakfast abi? 

Loneliness kee you there!

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4. You posted a fine picture

These ones that show up when you post fine pictures really need cane! I’m choosing violence today, ahn ahn, who else agrees they need to be beaten? Show of hands 🙌🏾 

So you don’t want me to succeed and look fine, right? Fine photos are entering your eyes and you want to have this awesome person again? Issalie, it can not happen! Close your eyes or just like the photos and pass.

5. They miss you

If they send you an “I miss you” ah, you have to be very strong and be clothed with the whole armour of God not to fall for this. Most especially when you’re still single, ah. It’s then you would remember the good times when everything was sweet. Nooo, the bad memories would be swept under the carpet and you’d start thinking “maybe he’s changed, maybe he’s different”. 

He’s not different o, he didn’t change, he’s still the same person that hurt you, don’t forget that. Stay wicked sis/ bro.

6. They might truly want to mend things

In some cases, they’ve actually realized they treated you badly and really want to mend things. Doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back with you or it could also mean they want to. They are your ex and you know what happened between you guys, if you feel you’re up for it, fine; if you aren’t, tell them to keep going. 

I’m actually of the opinion that you can be friends with your exes, the good ones thoooo… If you feel they are better and you’re in a place to be friends or have any form of relationship with them, then go for it!

Speaking of exes, IG just sent me a “follow so so—bad ex— and others to see their photos and videos” notification right now while typing this. Mr Mark, IDK what you and your algorithm are doing, but beware!!!

Ohhh, incase you’re the annoying ex, receive Jesus and leave them alone biko! Tenkz ma/sir. What other reasons did I forget to add? Please share with us in the comments.

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