6 high school uniform inspo from your faves!

No doubt, everyone adulting at one point or the other wish they never had to do it. Personally, after experiencing all the stress  and concerns that comes with adulting, I’ve come to believe that my first mistake in life was ever graduating from prep school.

I have a very faint memory, of it, but those were easily the most stress-free period of my life. Once word problems started getting into the mathematics I was given, I knew there was trouble.

Anyway, beyond hating adulthood, there are other things we surely do regret, like the prizes we didn’t win at dancing competitions, the big food we couldn’t finish at birthday competition and more importantly, our ugly baggy high school uniforms. I don’t know about you, but my uniforms were always too big. Just so big and shapeless.

These days, I see Nigerian celebrities throwing it back to high school and to be honest, if I could pick a uniform for myself,  it’ll definitely be one of these and I can confidently say the same for you.

Let’s take a ride!

 Angel smith

Nengi HaMpson

Erica Nlewedim

Nengi Hampson

Tiwa savage

Toyin Lawani

So lovelies, which of these looks would you recommend as a chic high school uniform? Talk to me in the comment section I’m always there. 

Ciao for now!😌❤️

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