5 weird things fashionistas made a dress out of! 

If you are an ardent reader of my article, and you have seen my last article on the new uses of tin-foil, then you must have anticipated this post.

Creatives especially fashionistas are highly experimental in nature. They turn just about anything and everything into an outfit. And for God knows what reasons, they are almost never wrong!

Over the years, we have seen people wear almost anything as a dress. Spoons, cups, bags, stationeries, you name it! As you read this paragraph, if you are my type of person, an image of Toyin Lawani comes to mind,because baby girl wears just about anything!

But we can’t fault them can we? Art is expressive and her expression knows no limits. Haven beaten around the bush enough, let’s take a ride at the 5 weirdest things people made a dress out of. 

1.Bin bags.

photo obtained via @behance

Now, I like to think that I’m a very open-minded person when it comes to art and fashion, but honey, Bin baggggsss??? Imagine the horror when you get into an altercation with someone while wearing that and they call you trash, you can’t even defend yourself.😭

2. News papers

photo obtained via instagram @Elegantebytiannah

News papers are not so weird to me, I will gladly wear them but strictly for shoots and editorials of course, it conveys a deeper message, when you look at it from the artistic side of life. 

3. Tinfoil

photo obtained via Pinterest

I am very curious to know how these people manage to make tin-foil, which is the most annoying crispy, highly unfashionable thing into a dress?! And what’s even more? I’ve seen some of the most beautiful dresses made with tin-foil. Not like I’ll wear them, but if you choose to do that, you have my total support.

4. Stationeries 

photo obtained via instagram @tiannahplaceempire

No words, I’ll just leave you guys to tell me how you feel about this one. 

5. Broken Mirror.

photo obtained via pinterest @deathlessvogue

The thought of putting on a dress made from broken mirror brings a scary, ugly picture to mind. But when you think of the Balmain 2019 Spring RTW collection, or the finely cut and filed triangular mirror embellished outfits that is quite common nowadays, oh well then that’s bad at all. As I matter of fact,I find it creative!

So lovelies, which of these weird things are you open to trying? And which is absolutely a no-no for you? Talk to your girl in the comment section, you know she’s always there. 😌

Ciao for now!😌❤️

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