5 Ways to Create New Looks with a Small Wardrobe

As a Style/Image Coach, one of the things I teach is the possibility of being stylish with a small wardrobe. And also, being a stylish does not require you to have lots of clothes, but being able to be creative with what you have. Thus today, I highlighted a few tips to help us understand this much better, whilst teaching us how to create more looks with our clothes. Keep scrolling to find out more.



Layers are my favorite clothing item, this is because they transform looks entirely, based on choice of layering. For instance, I transform my tees & jeans for work with a blazer; to the market with a kimono jacket; to drop off the kids with a buttoned down sweater; and so on etc. Examples of great  stylish layers include, blazers, longline kimono’s, cardigans,  duster jackets etc.

Accessorise Differently

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Depending on the way you accessorise, you can transform a look from casual to professional and so on. For instance, carrying a structured tote bag creates a professional look and a sling-back a casual look vibe. A silk scarf can automatically make a look appear new and classy.

Add a different Jewelry


Our choice in quantity or size of jewelry also has a way of dressing up or down an outfit. As a result people will perceive an outfit differently or appropriate for an occasion. For instance, a bold big statement necklace on an outfit will signify a wedding, event etc.; whilst a simple pendant necklace gives a more relaxed vibe.



If you have been wearing an outfit a particular way, try carrying a different bag or shoe with it. For instance, you always wore that white-tees and jeans with sneakers, try wearing a heels this time around. Also you can add a pop of colour inform of your watch , belt or jacket.

A New Hairdo


If you are known for always carrying long hair or packing buns etc., why not try something different. Try something new, maybe a short hair, dreads or braids etc. New hairdos or styles always has a way of making us look different, more beautiful and confident. As a result, most of the time, all attention is commonly drawn to the new hair.

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