5 Ways Moms can Look Good on the Go

As moms, we find that we are always busy, thus it is essential we also know how to always look good on the go. And, being able to achieve a good “on the go look”, requires us to ground ourselves in certain areas. Thus today, I have highlighted (5) stylish act all moms should be able to get done by themselves. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Applying Your Make up NICELY

When it comes to makeup, a professional makeup is definitely not required here. But being able to fix our faces nicely for an everyday look, is the minimal requirement. For instance, know how to draw brows and apply foundation/ powder . Such that on the go, we still look well put together and beautiful.

Hair Styling


A mom must be able to style her own hair, especially in the case of new moms who hardly have time for themselves. Hence to look well put together and confident when out, we must be able to work with a thong or straightener, pack hair nicely etc., or whatever works for us.

Polish Nails

I personally believe that having well-polished nails elevate any look. It also helps any woman look more polished and put together when out. Thus, as mums, If our nails are not fixed at the time or well trimmed, we should be able to DYI our nails.

Always have Second Options

As women every once in a while, our outfits are bound to disappoint us, but it is what we do afterwards that really matter. Thus, as mums we must always have second options, just incase our kids spill food, zips wear out etc.

Have Power Looks


As moms we should have records of our power looks. Especially for new moms, there is no time to be trying on looks or planning outfits most of the time. Therefore, it is important we have power looks/outfit that we are sure will make us look confident when out, especially on our lazy fashion days.

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