Let’s not say making money is easy because we all know It’s not, but you’ll agree with me that losing it is not even half as hard as getting it. “hard” is not one of the appropriate words to describe losing money or anything at all. It is no news that sloping downwards is a hundred times easier than climbing upwards.  I used to have a very weird orientation and reaction towards money, but earlier this year I read a book that completely changed my life.

A lot of what you’re about to read is inspired by that book.


This will probably sound like aspire to acquire and maguire, but I’m telling you this from an experienced point of view, it’s a lesson I learned by practicing. The basic truth about life is that the mind is the motherboard of every man. Apologies to those from other sects but even the Bible said “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. You can achieve just as much as your mind allows you to think you can achieve. The degree of entitlement and commitment you have towards wealth goes a long way to determine how wealthy you’ll be, if you think you deserve to be wealthy, and you’re ready to get it, you will.

On the flip side, if you think money is reserved for a particular group of people— maybe people from a rich family or for men alone, it won’t come to you. Listen, sis, you cannot subconsciously create a money circle you’re not a part of and expect to have money, no it doesn’t work that way. Another function of the mind against your bank account is low self-esteem, sis you think sooo little of yourself, stop it!!

Do you know there are jobs you’re very capable of doing but perhaps because it’s with a big organization, your mind has succeeded in making you believe you’re subpar to the company’s requirements, even though you tick every all boxes? Apply for that job, channel that gift of yours into making money,(yes you can monetize every talent these days even from the comfort of your home), take charge of your mind, push yourself a little more and make this money! 


This is one of the most laughable realities on earth, have you noticed that most poor hate the rich for no valid reason yet, they want to be rich? If a rich kid says something an average kid would have said and gotten away with, they’ll say he’s proud or he’s bragging.

If the rich even sympathizes with the poor you hear people say things like “don’t act as if you can relate, you’re not from the ‘trenches’ like us” or “what do you know, you were raised with a silver spoon” hian!! Are you also like this? This is a sure and fast way to stay broke because what you resent, you can never become.

Also remember that the rich neither get rich by mistake, nor by privilege, so there’s no point hating on them for that reason. Oh Wait…. you think they do?? Not at all, for every success story, you see out there, there has been a lot of hard/ smart work and commitment done! Even those that had wealth handed over to them, their predecessors worked their butts off for it, legally or not. 



This is the one we’re all familiar with. For every spending activity, let’s learn to be prudent and stick to buying only what’s necessary, learn to use the scale of preferences, and weigh and buy things in order of importance. Scratch that cliche teaching cos we all know that it’s not entirely practicable right? Sometimes we’re not even spending lavishly yet the money finishes too quickly. Before you are done reading this article, I’ll show you a wonder-working spending technique I learned from my good book. Oh, and it’s tested and trusted! But before then, here are other ways to spend wisely;

  • Avoid buying trendy items:

 If it’s not necessary don’t buy that top, or item that is just the trend of the moment. Why? Because it’s time will pass, in a few months it’ll become almost useless, and you’ll be needing to buy another one again, for example, clothes and shoes.

  • Normalize buying things of very good quality:

 Whatever it may be that you want to buy, save up and buy a very good one that will last you for a very long time, and even when you don’t want them anymore, it’ll be worth selling at a good price. A classic example of this is wigs! Listen, one solid good wig is worth a hundred sponge-like wigs. You can buy one good straight wig that if properly maintained can be worn in different styles without anyone knowing it’s just one wig. Take for example a straight wig that can be thonged into curls and can be dyed into other colors.

  • Buy items that add to your net worth:

This complements the aforementioned point, save up and buy things of high value, assets, and not liabilities. Like pieces of jewelry, and even wigs these days it may be expensive at the time but you know it can always be sold at a higher price. They can fulfill your purpose for luxury and simultaneously boost your net worth!


Ah! Imagine doing just one job that earns you a couple of thousands monthly….now that can keep you rich, but it’ll take ages of laborious workfor you to get wealthy. Of course, being rich is not the same as being wealthy.

A rich woman’s goal is to earn just enough to be comfortable, and she gets just that, but a wealthy woman is beyond rich and comfortable, she’s building a legacy of wealth, she’s making plans that keep earning even after she stops working and does not rely on her pension to fetch her that. Engage in earning through other passive means. Learn about investments, there’s a lot of very lucrative one(not Ponzi schemes o😒), find time and read financial magazines, you’ll learn a lot on how to invest your money and grow your wealth. You can also learn digital skills that you can practice from home and get yourself good extra money. Big money does not come by hard work, it comes by smart work!



A lot of us are very very good savers though! But to what end? We save only to spend the money again. Here comes the saving and spending principle I talked about earlier, now let’s say your total earning is 100%  could be monthly or daily, if you run a business apply this principle after you must have separated your cost price from profits. Now you want to create 6 accounts:

Account 1: 

Spending account: 40% goes into this account, this is your money, to do with as you please.

Account 2:

Saving  for investment account: 10% goes into this account, this money, is your ladder to wealth every penny saved here for some time, you’ll educate yourself in a good investment plan and put it into it, I talked about investment education earlier.

Account 3:

Education account: 20% also come here, could be for you or your kids’ education, you don’t have to get chest pain every time a new session is about starting. For yourself, you may need to up-skill to acquire new jobs, often times, Up-skilling requires you to take some courses, get the money for those courses here.

Account 4: 

Emergency account: 10% goes in here too, all emergency funds, maybe a repair in the house, medical needs etc.

Account 5: 

Givingaccount; personally I’m very keen about giving back, and I think it should be a must for everyone. sometimes friends and family could be in need of financial help, you can pick from this purse, it doesn’t have to affect your general spending. Put 10% here as well

Account 6:

Back up spending account, 10% here as well, that bag you saw, that wig, every luxury item, wanna take yourself out? get the money from here, for you and you alone. Don’t give anybody, you deserve pampering too.🙂

A quick Maths on that adds up to a total of 100%, this sisters! is the first step to taking charge of your finances, through this principle you can trace your expenses and have time to expand your wealth. Oh let me add that I know you must be thinking 10% of your pay is insignificant, trust me that’s what you think! I started this principle at a tune I wasn’t even working, I was diligent with it, shared all the money I got this way and in less than a month I tripled my annual savings! Yes your guess is right, this principle teaches you saving discipline, you no longer get to decide when you want to save or not.

Similarly having to deal with Nigerian banks opening 6 bank accounts is just pure stress. What I did was to open different plans in my Cowry wise account and use them, alternatively you can use PiggyVest too. 

Ciao for now!

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