5 Messiest Celebrity BreakUps We Have Seen

The unarguable truth is that celebrity breakups are always dramatic. But today lovelies, we’re talking about the messiest celebrity breakups. The ones that literally dropped our jaws.

It’s all warm and cozy when our faves are in love. We get to see all the bubbly-coupley-lovey-dovey sides of them. It’s more beautiful when they let us in on their relationship. We get to see the cute couple videos, the baecations, the online chatty banter between the love birds, all the PDA’s on their dates and award shows and everything everything! It’s honestly such a beautiful thing to see, we love to see it! 

But lovelies, when things go sour between the lovebirds, we become like they that dreameth dreams, because the distaste these people end up having towards each other, the hate and drags, the unspeakable words these people use on each other then prompts us to ask this question, “were they ever in love?” How did it get so bad like Akara that was fried with bad oil.

Anyway, we may never know how things ends up getting so toxic, but if a relationship doesn’t serve you anymore, please leave. That said, ladies and gentlemen, 5 messiest celebrity breakups we’ve seen.🤌

Tonto Dikeh and Churchill 

The actor and Nigerian business man had a hot, spontaneous love. They met in 2014, got married the next year and unfortunately went their separate ways two years later after being blessed with a gorgeous, gorgeous son.

For as much as I remember, the couple had a beautiful thing, colorful wedding, and giving gifts. These things upon their split, we came to know were just for publicity.

The actress came out to reveal that she paid for her own wedding, that she also bought the car she had initially claimed her husband got her. Lovelies, it was messy!! Following their divorce came months of dirty fight on Mark’s internet where they called each other every name including the infamous “40 seconds”.

Tonto Dikeh and Prince kpokpogiri

Lovelies, the news of this relationship made us feel so good!! Finally, our actress reached the light at the end of her tunnel. This was the first relationship she was announcing since her divorce 4 years prior,and boy she looked radiant and happy!!

But no, this new-found love and happiness was quickly cut short after a popular, controversial blog released the voice notes of a man slandering and chewing out the actress mercilessly.

The blog proceeds to claim that this voice belongs to Prince, this claim was confirmed by the actress and the whole relationship spiraled right into the trash can. In the land of derogatory names and drags, no stone was left unturned, none between both parties!

Nkechi Blessing and ODF

First of all, we never expected this to end. Secondly, we never expected it to end the way it did. Let’s give this relationship an award, overall best in messy breakup.

Lovelies, it was badddddd!!! They had an all night Live of drags and top tier exposé on each other. ‘He was broke’, ‘I was feeding him’, ‘she was too dirty’, ‘we were never married’.

All the tea was spilled, unprovoked.🙂 While fans and shippers went through that torturous phase, they ask themselves if this was the same couple that had threatened to pour acid on whoever puts asunder to their love, because the violence was so shocking!

Sandra Iheuwa and Ubi Franklin

The way these two are so toxic and engage in intense dragging every now and then on Mark’s app makes you wonder what ever attracted them to each other in the first place.

The actress and 4th baby Mama of Ubi Franklin, continues to drag each other even when the latter already moved on to marry another man. We do not get it.

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Lydia Balogun and Timini egbuson

This was one of the cutest relationships we had! The ship held us in chokehold because almost every Nigerian girl had/has a crush on Timini, not me though, you guys stay safe. So seeing him love the business woman and lifestyle influencer, always in her comment section, praising and adoring her was beautiful!!

Although the break up was relatively quiet, there are speculations that it ended due to infidelity on his part. It didn’t get crazy until 2021 when Lydia took to her twitter page to drag him by his age and 5 strands of beards, it wasn’t funny y’all. 

Lovelies, it’s your turn to add yours, which ones are your messiest celebrity breakups? If it’s not here well, I will be in the comment section.

PS: Akara is a Nigerian local food/snack.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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