5 lit ways to style Yeezy foam runner footies

The Last time this writer wrote on how to stay hot in wet seasons, she mentioned Yeezy foam runner as one for the season.

When considering the footies of the year, I dare say, Adidas Yeezy foam runner tops the list— at least for me. Not only does the slip-on perforated design make it totally desirable, it is such a comfy wear and can literally be worn on anything!

However, we’ve seen some people complain about styling our dear foam runner. It is in lieu of this that angel Tarie has come to the rescue.

Let’s have it shall we?

Yeezy foam runner on biker shorts

On rompers and jumpsuits 

Yeezy foam runner on joggers

On bodycon dresses

On loungewears

Judging from this list, you can see that I wasn’t joking when I said you can wear this genius footies with basically anything.

Simply put, Yeezy foam runner will do for you the same thing a pair of sneakers will do.

So if you don’t already have one, here’s your cue to add to cart!

Ciao for now!😌❤️

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