5 K-Drama Fashion Inspo For A Petite Lady

First off, this post is not to convince you to start watching K-dramas, we don’t want you too.🙄 Secondly, and this is for my K-drama friends, have you ever wondered what Nigerians problem with K-drama is?? I’ve tried asking a couple of them and their reasons are just….urrrrgggghhhh🙄🙄

A lot of them seem to be moving with the bandwagon because these are the same people that loved squid game. And squid game to us K-drama fans was near basic because we’ve seen a lot of dope movies like that, only that they didn’t get as much hype as Squid game did. Anyway, that’s not the scoop for today, I just wanted to rant a little bit. 

If there is one thing modern East Asians are known for, it’s their incredible fashion sense. When they slay, they mostly keep it minimal and look way better than everyone else in the room. If they’re going for pop of colors it actually pops!! When a petite woman is doing maxi, she hits it. If it’s a strong chic persona… you just name it! Maybe because I pay close attention to their art and creatives more, I’ve just never caught them in a fashion fail you know. 

So today I want to let you in on top K-drama fashion Secrets, I guess it’s okay to call it that. Note that these subheadings are title of the Korean movies and these movies give the best style inspo for a petite lady. The very best!! So let’s take a ride.🤌

It’s okay to not be okay

In this movie, Seo Ye Ji played the role of Ko mun young, and while it was indeed a good drama, the folks could not stop talking about her style, I mean every single dress was a bang.

Her character depicts a strong, meanie but deep down a softie and each outfit found a way to complement that persona.  

It was a collection of absolutely chic aesthetics. Every detail made a statement her shoes, jewelries, unorthodox sleeves and corset illusions. click here to see all her looks. 

Her private life 

If you’re looking for a workplace fashion inspo, say no more! Park min young, who played the role of Sung Duk Mi on this drama didn’t come to play at all. Lovelies, there were some dangerous work two pieces and custom pant suits in this drama that left our mouths wide open.

The simplicity in the way she delivered each look. As a petite girl, you don’t have to go around in the office looking like a bore. Slay up sis!!! click here to see.

Hotel Del Luna

Now this is the material gworlllll, big feminine energy!! In this drama IU served a lot of vintage glam style you would love to see and try out.

Every outfit, embodies her rich lifestyle and her keenness for extravagance.

Here you’ll find the perfect style inspo for a brunch date with the girls, Check here to catch everything.

Run on

Seo Dan ah (Choi soo young) was a sneakers girl in the sport drama. And no matter what she wore, she paired with jaw dropping sneakers.

And boy did she look so fantastic every outfit. In this drama, Seo Dan ah’s outfits speaks comfort.

Even in her office suits, she always wore a pair of sneaker, tap to catch all the looks we speak of.

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Crash landing on you

You know for several episodes in the movie we were denied the true fashion that lies in this masterpiece given the plot of the drama. It is not until, a couple of episodes to the end that we began to the see the glory of K-drama fashion in Son ye Jin who acted Yoon Se ri ladies!!!

Focus on the lady🌚

Baby girl pulled up with Celines  and Fendis, Balmains and Chanel. She went hard and we love it!! Tap here to catch a scoop of everything!!

The best way to catch delighting views of these looks is to see the dramas, but really you do not have to go all the way. The links should do the trick. 

I’ve heard that the casts of Penthouse also slayed big but I’m yet to see the drama, I don’t think I’ll be seeing it, because it seems quite long. If you have seen it though, What do you think about the fashion aesthetics?? Let’s rant and gist about it in the comment section. Also tell me which of these dramas did it the most for you in terms of fashion. Mine is Hotel del Luna and It’s okay not to be okay. My girls serveddd yunno!!!

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Ciao for now.😌❤️

If you enjoyed this drama then wait until you see this👇👇

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