5 fruits we Enjoyed as Nigerian children.

Growing up in Lagos Nigeria used to be fun. Everybody was free, and cheerful. Neighbors used to have trees in their backyards and you were allowed to pluck as much as you want from their trees, they will never get upset at you.  Like I said, people were free and cheerful, you can’t find that kind of sweet freedom and oneness anywhere now. Everybody is angry. 

That said, there are fruits that made our childhood even more fun! Some of these fruits, we didn’t even know their names yet they were our favorites! 

Let’s take a ride🤌

1. Icheku/Awin (Velvet Tamarind)

This right here was a Gee! I particularly enjoy how it almost never finishes. Awin is the best thing to snack on when you’re sent on a long distance errand by trekking. You’ll almost never know when you get there. In recent times, I’ve seen nutritionist sing of its medicinal prowess too. But I wonder where Tobi’s now though, I haven’t seen the fruit for what is well over 9-10 years now.

2. Fruit (almond fruits)

This particular one deserves to be declared a national hero. The tree was always almost everywhere and the fruits tasted so nice, especially the red ripe ones! Iconic!😍

3. Apple (Rose Apple) 

This one right here was my fave! Loved it with the love of a youthful lover!

4. Agbalumo (African star apple)

I think we all agree that this is the senior man. While all the other fruits have ghosted us, agbalumo have been by our side through thick and thin, such a fiercely loyal one.

5. Guava fruit

I had a love-hate relationship with this one. It’s a nice fruit, but the seeds are so distracting and makes it stressful to eat, which is exactly why I almost never eat it.

That said, which of these fruits was your absolute fave? Let me know in the comments section you know I’m always always there!

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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