5 Classic Pieces to Have in your Wardrobe 

Classic pieces are timeless pieces that never go out of style, and great for every wardrobe. I like to see them as outfits we can wear year in year out, and never look outdated with our style. And most interestingly, they work for all personal styles one way or the other. So if you are slightly curious about what they are then keep scrolling!


If you are just hearing about blazers you are a bit late to the party. Everyone needs this timeless piece in their wardrobe and should always be replaced from time to time. Their versatility has a lot to play in their relevance for any wardrobe.


When it comes to sneakers, although there are lots of types and forms around. Some of the timeless ones include Converses, Vans Old Skool and Addidas Superstar. If you like and have one of them, then you are definitely building your wardrobe to last. Generally, they are also recommendable because of their versatility as well.

Buttoned-Down Cardigans

Cardigans are on this list for obvious reasons. However, here the buttoned-down cardigans are more classy and timeless. Thus, you need to always ensure you have them replaced regularly. They can of course be replaced with more modern and fashionable ones, the goal is to always have one. However, it also does not restrict you from getting other styles and designs you love as well .

Anything Made from Denim

Denim is obviously a no brainer because everyone wears denim pieces. Whether it is a denim dress or trousers, Tops, Dungarees, Pants, Skirt etc.


Silks are also on this list for obvious reasons. It is said to be the strongest natural textile in the world! Thus just like its other counterpart, denim, they should never get purged, and are essential for any wardrobe.

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