5 Bantu knots styles  for gorgeous women!

As an African woman, your hair goes beyond being a physical feature, it is an art, and your own crown. Bantu knots, also known as Zulu knots are one of Africa’s oldest yet ageless hairstyles. 

This is especially so because the recent years have seen the re-evaluation and global craze for African culture, Yet Bantu knots remains a surviving heritage of that movement. 

In contrast to the traditional partitioned, twisted and coiled buns, Bantu knots now come in different trendy styles. From the way it’s sectioned, to the infused cornrows, we love to see it!

Although most culture custodians call this culture appropriation, but you already know this writer loves anything that looks fashionably pleasant!!  In my own opinion, it creates a perfect balance between the past vintage and present vogue African woman.

I also find it pleasant that people from other races now adopt certain African cultures, I mean it’s been the flip way for centuries, so why can’t we have it?

Anyway lovelies, 5 ways to style Bantu knots.

Classic Bantu knots

classic bantu knots

Locs Bantu knots 

locs bantu knots

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Cornrow knots 

cornrow bantu knots

Beaded Fulani glamour 

fulani bantu knots

knots with extensions 

bantu knots made with extensions

All photos obtained via Pinterest

Lovely, have you ever worn Bantu knots? If no explain yourself to us in the comment section please! And if yes, what style did you have on? Tell us about it in comment section!

Ciao for now 😌❤️

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