4 unspoken social rules about food. 

In my opinion, unspoken social rules about food are not quite loud enough. Well, let’s assume it’s so because they are called “unspoken”. Ignore the mundane “don’t talk while eating” and the long list of other ‘table manners’ they gobbled down our throats as children. Till date, I still believe the heartiest conversations are best had over a fine dining. 

Anyway, that’s besides the point. Lately, we see people act in a certain way around and about food that forces us to genuinely want to ask “nah, who raised that person to behave that way?” Because it’s never cool. 

So here lovelies, are 4 unspoken social rules about food:

1. Don’t yuck at other people’s traditional dish.

I follow a lot of food blogs, of course because I’m a foodie.  When they  post other race/ country or tribe’s traditional meal I see a lot of “eww, be like sacrifice” and many other demeaning comments. That’s so wrong and disrespectful. Please don’t be the person that does that.

2. When you have artificial nails on…..

Do not dip those claws into that fufu madam. No matter how clean or hygienic you think you are, long/artificial nails harbors unimaginable dirt. Trust me you don’t want to think about what you’re eating. Cutleries we’re made for a reason sis.

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3. About packing food from a party….

If you’re unable to get a take-away or paper plate, please don’t use the napkin you found on the table to pack your food.  I saw someone do this once and I was just….🥴🥴🥴 if you will be scooping some food home for yourself from an event, here’s what you can do; leave your house with a ziploc, or a foil. You’re welcome.

4. When the cake is being passed around….

You know that thing people do at weddings or birthdays. The cake is being passed around, and when it gets to their turn, they take a  10 seconds pause, with their eyes, they hurriedly fish out the biggest cake on the tray, then reach out for it. They will reach for it even though cake is at the far end of the tray. Haba!!! That’s greedy sis, and it’s not cute.

So lovelies, which one of these unspoken social rules are you guilty of breaking? Report yourself in the comment section let’s cleanse you so you can go and sin no more.😘

Ciao for now😌❤️

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