4 Reasons you should stop comparing yourself to other mums

It is very easy to find ourselves in the comparison game as new moms, especially when you and that mum were pregnant around the same time. And I get it, honestly, but because of the negative effect it can have on us, it will be better to stay clear. Essentially, we would be preserving our mental health. With that being said, kindly find reasons you should stop comparing yourself to that mummy below.

What she is doing 

Comparing yourself to that mummy definitely does not add up because you do not have the full picture. You don’t know what she has done secretly or is doing i.e. exercises daily, on a diet plan , surgery, watches what she eat etc. Thus comparison means you are acting from a blind spot, which is not wise.

Metabolism Rates

Metabolism is the number of calories you burn as your body performs basic (basal) life-sustaining function, and for some it is faster, some it takes time. Thus, even if you know what she is doing, what about her metabolism rate. Comparing yourself to a mum who has a fast one, when yours is slow, is merely going to leave you frustrated. 

What you do

What are you doing to loose your baby weight, tummy fat etc.. You can not constantly drink soda, chocolate, biscuits, pastries and expect to loose your baby weight. In as much you are wonderfully and beautifully made, which is right for our mindset. We also need to be cautious and intentional about what we eat and our health.

Your mindset 

The right mindset is essential for your mummy body goals. One of the things I tell people if you believe you can do it you are right. If you believe you cannot you are also right. Mums that achieve these body goals have the right mindset and that’s a missing factor most mums do not have. Thus, if you want to achieve your desires, you need to to believe you can mama! It starts here.

I hope this helped. Kindly let us know your thoughts below 👇🏻 

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