4 Common Pregnancy Body Changes and how to Deal with it

Are you a new preggy and currently experiencing some pregnant body changes that are leaving anxious about the after effect? If yes, today, I will be sharing some body facts with you, to help you keep your mind at rest on this pregnancy journey.

I am not saying those body changes will automatically disappear, but my points below will definitely help you deal with it in a more healthy way.

 Stretch Marks


I did not develop stretch marks till I was about six (6) months. And when it began to appear I compared myself with lots of women that did not have stretch marks. In my thoughts, I considered my body so imperfect for having or being part of the lot of women that had. Here however are some fun facts for your better understanding; 85% of pregnant women experience this and the chances of the marks clearing after or during pregnancy is about 20%.

However, the light at the tunnel here is, if you have stretch marks and worried about the damage it might cost you, the answer is yes the changes might be there forever. Can you ever love your body again? The answer is yes, you can still love your body with these marks. Lots of women have and are perfectly happy with their lives. So relax mum!

PS: The picture above shows @ashleygraham during pregnancy with stretch marks and after pregnancy.

Weight Gain

All moms gain some form of weight during or after pregnancy. The percentage of mums that gain weight is 100%. So if you have or are gaining weight it is very normal. Should you try to loose weight? Yes. Can you ever get back to that pre baby size? Yes. Well, the chances are slim but it is possible Mama. I would only advice you achieve these goal at your on pace and no comparisons!

Waist Expands

So, this Waistline buhaha like I would like to call it, for me I began to look straight with no more curves, it was a bit daunting at first I would not lie. But really this happened because of obvious reasons, our tummy area  expands, but can you achieve a slim waist again? Yes. Chances are very high with regular exercise and a waist trainer of course.

Mummy Tummy

Yes, we all have this. Some get the flat tummy back with of course intense exercise and food, but not everyone falls into this category, which is ok. I carried my mummy tummy for 2 years, but I must say I did a lot of work.

Which is what I always advice, it is ok to move at your own pace. Do not try to be like someone else, the main thing is that you are putting in the work daily and you will surely get there Mama!

Did you find this enlightening, Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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