3 Signs you are Loosing Yourself after Giving Birth

Losing one’s self is very common amongst us mums after pregnancy. And this is because we are seeing those body changes we do not like, and I totally understand. However, like I have always said what we naturally tend is not always the best idea. Like for example, comparing ourselves to other mums etc.

Today I will be highlighting three (3) warning signs, to let you know you are gradually losing yourself. 

You say Negative words to Self

You find yourself being negative about yourself. Essentially, you do not like anything about you anymore. You say words to yourself like: I am too fat, I am now ugly, I am not attractive anymore, I have lost my beauty and so on. If any of these or more sound familiar, you need to snap out ASAP!

You Are constantly Wishing

Do you find yourself lost in wishes? Basically, always wishing you were like someone else or wishing you had certain qualities. Better still you always feel bad about you once you see someone else. This also comes with comparisons; us comparing our bodies, weight, skin, etc. to another mums. Stop it now!

You already feel Exhausted

At this point you find yourself exhausted with everything. Everything you have tried to do in getting desired results are not producing what you really want. Thus, you are not willing to do or try anything anymore. Less enthusiasm about exercises, dieting, tummy exercises, taking care of you etc. If this is you, you need to wake up, because you are doing something wrong.

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