3 Reasons why you should hate Fufu with me

 I am so upset at the kind of good PR fufu enjoys when Amala gets slandered for simply existing. Yet Abula>>>>>>>> Fufu.  In so many ways, fufu is below par when put side by side with Amala. Now you will only understand why I can boldly make such claim if you have read why Amala should be your favorite food.

That said, Fufu is a west African dough food made from cassava. It is popular in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and even Liberia. Like I said, a west African cuisine. Without beating around the bush, 3 reasons why you shouldn’t like fufu like me. 

A rare picture of strong Fufu

1. It’s too strong:

I don’t even get it, that food can barely make it through your throat without trying to rip your whole inner mouth apart. How did anyone ever look at that soft rock and consider it edible? 

2. Fufu is almost indigestible:

Fufu is the type of food that allows you to eat one meal per day. Even if you have just one wrap, it refuses to digest easily. What makes you think I want to have a meal that won’t allow me to breathe freely 3 hours later?😒

3. Gracious goodness the smell!🤦‍♀️

Imagine eating and the aroma (more like odor if we’re being honest in this case) of your food bullies the scent of your perfume into non-existence. I meannn why???? Why are you trying to embarrass me for God’s sake. If you do not wash your hands and nail beds properly after eating this meal, be ready for double trouble. 

So lovelies! These are 3 reasons why you should hate fufu with me. I genuinely hope fufu is not your favorite meal, because whyyy? You will have to tell us the reason. While at it, share with us what puts off the most about this food.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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