3 must-have kitchen wares in 2022

Since we talked about must have wigs, I think it’s only fair we discuss must-have kitchen equipments too. 

It’s a new dispensation.

Nobody wants to spend their God-given time and strength pounding yam or other “poundables” in the kitchen. Nor engage in another strenuous activity like slicing all the salad ingredients with your bare hands, chopping boards and a knife. Come on, not on my watch.

In this article lovelies, we will be talking about 3 must-have kitchen wares in 2022 and why.  These kitchen wares by their functionality helps you get your kitchen jobs done faster and easier. Gone are the days when you prepare a meal and end up being too stressed to eat the same meal. Life can be easier and it is indeed easier. Let’s a take a ride.

Non-stick pots: 

Kids these days will have fun washing plates unlike our time when we mostly had stainless and enamel pots. And if there’s one thing those kinds of pots will do, is that to have burnt food stick to them and still get scratched in the process of cleaning. Let’s not mention how stressful the said cleaning process is. Just get a whole set of non-stick pots sis, everybody will be happy.

Ice crusher:

The name of this equipment is figurative. Although it says ice crusher, but that’s only because the makers need you to understand the magnitude of heavy duty this blender is capable of. Boiled yam, beans, melon, grains, and even corn.  Definitely a must have if you ask me.

Pantry dispenser:

It just makes sense to have these to be honest. Gone are the days when you have to open a container to fetch your cereal. You can just have them dispensed simple and short. Plus! They’re very aesthetic. That’s enough reason to have them.

With these valid points of mine, I hope you’re on your way to ship these things. Let me know if you’ll like me to plug you to a good vendor in the comment section.

Ciao for now😌❤️

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