How Social Media Contributes to Reduced Body Confidence in Mums (2)

Last week, I spoke about how images we see on social media compromises our body confidence. I talked about how as mums, constantly seeing unrealistic bodies all over the gram does in some way remind us of our insecurities. Well this week, I will be talking about practical steps we can take to guard our hearts and control this. And not only that, help us think more clearly and love ourselves unconditionally.

Regulate your Timeline

We have to deliberately regulate what pops up on our timeline on social media. And by this, it means unfollow or block any one that slightly makes you feel uncomfortable and not motivated about your body. If you do not want offend anyone for certain reason, use the mute feature. Right now it is about you your mental health and not pleasing people at your own detriment.

Say positive words TO SELF

Constantly watching and seeing drastic body transformations, has a way of making us compare which consequently leads to negative words to self. The truth is we become what we think in our hearts…as a man thinketh so is he proverbs 23: 7. If you keep saying, I am fat, my body is ugly , I am ugly, my tummy is too big etc. That’s exactly what you get. So help you and your body, and be cautious of what you are taking in!

Move at Own Pace

I know I have said this severally, but it is worth repeating, let’s all move consistently at our own pace. We are all different beings with different metabolisms. Thus this realization should in someway give us peace and let us know with time we would get there too with our body goals. Everyone will not get this result at the same time, but we can get the results we want. We can do this Mama!

Did you find this enlightening, Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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