25 sweet & thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for your man

We know you love your man and would love to surprise them with a Christmas gift to appreciate how awesome they’ve been all year. But it’s no news that we often struggle when it comes to gift ideas for men, hence our usual singlets and boxers, good thing we are doing better now!

In case you are still trying to decide what to give your man, either because you are just out of ideas or what you can think of are too expensive. We have curated a list of 25 both affordable and expensive sweet, thoughtful and useful gifts you can give your man for Christmas. We hope you find the list helpful, enjoy!

1. Gym membership subscription

If your man is passionate about fitness or has been wanting to start using the gym but needs an extra push, a gym membership subscription would go a long way and every time he visits the gym, he would always remember the gesture.

2. Work chair

Is your man a tech bro or just works from home? A work chair is a good gift for him because it helps to prevent back pain and helps maintain good sitting posture. He would appreciate this, get one if you can.

3. Earbuds

Earbuds make listening to music and answering calls more convenient and easy. You don’t want to get him a gift he won’t really use, earbuds are a great choice.

4. Skincare products

These men would always steal from your skincare products and be acting like they don’t use them. Get your man his skincare set this Christmas, so your products can rest. He would love it!

5. Food supplements

Getting him dietary supplements would make him feel you actually care about his health and want him to be very healthy. Super thoughtful gift right here.

6. Nice perfumes 

Everyone loves smelling good and perfumes are great for memories. Anytime he uses the perfume, you would be the only thought on his mind, because each whiff of the scent reminds him of you.

7. Hair clippers kit

Any man would appreciate this, because it means no more sharing of clippers at the barbershop. In case your man doesn’t have one yet, you can get this for him for Christmas, it is thoughtful.

8. Nice watch

Most men love nice wristwatches and 80% of the time they have a wristwatch set they are doting on. Surprise him with one!

9. Sneakers

Who says no to sneakers? Definitely no one. Even if he’s more formal and wears only dress shoes, sneakers would come in handy for a casual look. Get him one for Christmas!

10. Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to the air and helps with skin dryness and respiratory issues. It reduces the risks of getting flu, reduces snoring and keeps the hair and skin moist. Humidifier is a good gift for the office or home.

11. Work shoes

12. Suits

I find suits as a gift super cool. It means you care about his dress sense and loves him confident, because suits have a way of making one look confident.

13. Gym wear

You could even add running shoes, water bottles and other items he could take to the gym. Really cool stuff right here!

14. Scented candles, diffusers and/ or car air freshener

15. Ps5

All work no play makes Jack a dull man, right? If you can afford this, men love games, he would appreciate this. You guys can play together to increase bonding. If “bonding” leads to another baby, I’m not there sha.

16. Smart watch

Smart watches have really cool features that he would love. He can make and answer calls from it, monitor his heart rate, number of steps and do a lot of other cool stuffs. It’s a great gift for men.

17. Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are great for the teeth, they also help remove plaque than regular toothbrushes.

18. Beard care kit

Is your man is in the beard gang, please why haven’t you gotten him beard kit yet? This is super thoughtful, in the sense that you’re thinking about him and his beards and want him to have full, healthy beards.
Quickly go order for one!

19. MacBook

MacBooks are expensive o, but if you want luxury and love luxury for your man, please get him one. I don’t own a MacBook, but I would love to get one as a gift. It’s not just computer, it is MacBook!
You could even add an iPad if you have plenty money, thanks.

20. Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are super important for people that work behind screens for long periods of time. It helps protect the eyes alongside other benefits. You could just be replacing his old one or getting a new one, either ways it’s a really thoughtful gift. He’d appreciate it!

21. Car tyre

Car tyres can never be unappreciated by a man. He would always need it because his cars would always need tyres.

22. Shirts

23. Native fabrics

We need men to start wearing more natives cuz they be looking fine and sexy in them! 🌚 Get him some fabrics as a Christmas gift, you could even go the extra mile to sew a nice style for him. Really cool idea, don’t you think?

24. Bracelets

Could be a customized bracelet for him or a couple. It’s sweet and might not cost much if you are looking for something affordable.

25. Money 

Absolutely no one would reject a money gift and men want money too! If you don’t like the 24 previous gift ideas shared and you still can’t figure out what to give him, then give him money. It could sort out something he needs urgently, and could mean a lot than other gifts.

What are your thoughts on these 25 sweet and thoughtful gift ideas, do you think your man would appreciate them? Which would you be getting your man? Let us know in the comments!

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