15 Types of pasta.

In the epoch of cultural diffusion and adaptation of foreign culture in Africa, you will agree with me and even words on the street connotes that the people of Africa were and still are mostly unfettered with rice and different types of pasta.

Our open acceptance and creative exploration of these meals as a continent, makes it very easy for the newest generation to forget that they are not entirely indigenously ours.  And in case you are of the older generation, but already forgot as well, here is a quick snap-back; Rice mostly originated from Asia and some species, from some parts of Africa, while Pasta, from Italy.

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Although, we mostly eat four types of pasta over here(spaghetti, penne, macaroni and tagliatelle), existing varieties of pasta makes a longer list than Taylor Swift’s exes. Pastas are generally categorized either based on their shapes or their uses. While some can serve as a whole dish, others are better as ridges in soups, for baking or side dishes. The principal categories of pasta includes; long pasta, short pasta, sheet pasta, dumpling pasta and stuffed pasta. 

The national association of pasta posits that there are 600 types of pasta.  

But of course lovelies, if we decide to go into that, we will spend the most productive part of our day reading this post. Let’s have a list of 15 across all categories


Types of pasta spaghetti















So lovelies, which of these pasta have you tried? Another question? Will you love to see us exhaust the whole list of pasta? And maybe speak on their uses too? Let me know in the comment section, it would be an honor to bring all the pasta heat to you guys!

Ciao for now 😌❤️

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