10 people who showed up at the 2022 AMVCA looking like a ball of stale cabbage.

Well, I know. Everyone is trying to move on from on from the 2022 AMVCA that held on  Saturday and I’m just a bit hurt cos I’m not done talking about it. Not yet!!

Since we’ve spoken on the best dressed ladies and gentlemen, there’s another people we need to talk about. The worst dressed guests Lovelies, the ones that showed up looking like their stylists deserves premium walloping on their buttocks. 

I mean it’s an award show, we’re not saying you should go on and spend all your net-worth on an outfit, but we need to see the effort, especially if you’re a celebrity. 

Well to be fair, some people did put in the work, it just didn’t turn out as they must have visualised. And some people looked like they missed the memo, they showed up looking like they were heading to a concert, also let’s give up for those that tried to replicate old looks from other celebs, they got me hollering!The other set of people on this list got me asking one question: WHY?🙂

Well without beating around the bush ladies and gentlemen, our worst dressed faves at the  2022 AMVCA.🤌


The inspiration

Looks like he was going for Katy Perry’s 2019 MET Gala look, oops! clearly didn’t turn out well.

The outcome💀


The inspiration

Alicia Keys had New York City put on her cape with 250,000 crystals, but was uncle Mike trying to put Lagos on his? With what? Pastels??

The outcome

Scarlet Gomez


Simi Drey

Dorathy Bachor

Emmanuel Umoh

SAGA Adeolu

Maria CHIKE Benjamin

Toyin Abraham 

Special recognition.🌚👇

Rotimi salami

So lovelies, which look shocked you the most? Also who is that person you want to get your hands on their stylist so bad??😂 and lastly, if your fave is on this list, sorry oo, try harder next year.🌚

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